Boonville, Newburgh & Warrick County

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Nyttend

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Nyttend

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Anyone who finds it necessary to visit the Boonville Judicial Center to deal with a family law matter also has a potential and potent legal ally in Jay Ziemer. Whether the case involves a marriage contract, parental and grandparents’ visitation rights, or protection from an abusive partner, the legal specialists at Ziemer Law, LLC know how to achieve the best results for each client.

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About Boonville, Newburgh and the Warrick County Courts

Situated directly east of Vanderburgh County and Indiana’s third-largest city, Evansville, Warrick County, IN, is home to 61,000 people. Many of those residents commute from Newburgh to work in Edinburgh, while the county’s largest town of Boonville serves as the seat of government for Warrick County. The Judicial Center in Boonville includes the Old Courthouse pictured above.

Warrick County Clerk’s Office

As a state constitutional officer in Indiana, the county clerk and the clerk’s office is responsible for accepting and routing all filings related to legal matters in the county. The clerk also keep records related to hearings and rulings, responds to requests for access to records, and accepts fees for court services, fines, and several types of licenses related to governmental activity. The office of the Clerk of Warrick County is located in Suite 200 of the Judicial Center in Boonville and reachable by phone at (812) 897-6400.

Warrick County Superior Court No. 1

Located on the north side of the historic courthouse in Boonville, the first superior court hears misdemeanor criminal and DUI/OWI cases, adjudicates small claims, rules in probate disputes, and oversees parole. Court-supervised drug treatment and jail diversion programs are also administered by this court. To reach the clerk of Superior Court No. 1 directly to check on a hearing date or paperwork filing, call (812) 897-6140.

Warrick County Superior Court No. 2

The entrance for the second superior court for Warrick County is located on the eastern side of the old courthouse building, which faces 3rd Street in central Boonville, IN. It joins the first superior court in handling misdemeanor, drunk and drugged driving, small claims, probate, and parole cases. The phone number for the Superior Court No. 2 clerk is (812) 897-6213.

Warrick County Circuit Court

Two elected judges sit on the Circuit Court for Warwick County, which operates in the same wing of the Boonville courthouse as the second superior court. All criminal and family law matters concerning juveniles are heard by the circuit court, which employs two Guardian ad Litems, who are officers of the court who ensure the interests of children are represented and respected. Warrick Circuit Court judges also have jurisdiction over felony criminal matters and high-value civil litigation. The phone number for this circuit court is (812) 897-6130.