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One of the most contested issues in an Indiana divorce or paternity case is child support. In Indiana, child support is generally calculated in conjunction with Indiana’s Child Support Guidelines. More specifically, Indiana’s Child Support Calculator is used to calculate weekly child support payment estimates. If you are divorcing, divorced or otherwise a single parent with minor children, you will need a divorce attorney well versed in child support to ensure that the terms of your child support is fair.

When many people think of child support, they think of money. While money is naturally a major part of child support, it is not the only factor. Child support exists to help the children. If one parent pays too much in child support, the children are economically negatively affected when they are staying with that parent. On the other hand, if a parent receives too little in child support, the children are negatively affected when staying with that parent. Regardless of which parent we represent, we strive to focus on placing your children first.

The Indiana Child Support Guidelines are Indiana’s attempt to ensure that the children will have the resources necessary at both households to thrive. Sometimes however, these Child Support Guidelines do not result in a fair resolution for our clients. In those cases, we strive to be creative, insightful and persuasive to convince the opposing party or the judge that there are legal and equitable reasons to depart from the Child Support Guidelines.

Moreover, the Indiana Child Support Calculator is only as good as the data you use to calculate your support. At Ziemer Law, our Evansville family lawyers are well versed in the guidelines and the calculator to ensure that you and your children are treated fairly. Some of the data used to calculate child support in Indiana includes the following:

Evansville Child Support Attorneys
  • The gross weekly income of each parent
  • The cost of day care
  • The cost of health insurance
  • Whether the parents have other children for whom they must provide
  • How the parents plan to split their parenting time
  • Post-secondary education (College) of the children



Child support will continue until the child is legally emancipated or until the child goes to college. While the child is in college, Indiana’s post-secondary education laws govern the child support.

Indiana Child Support Attorneys

In Indiana, courts must follow the Indiana Child Support Guidelines. In fact, signed copies of the child support calculation must be filed along with child support entries. These entries result from many different situations — divorcing parents, divorced parents seeking a modification of child support, and non-married parents seeking child support or a modification thereof.  Regardless of your situation, the Evansville child support lawyers at Ziemer Law will fight to ensure that you and your children receive what you deserve.

Child support is not just some number spit out by a calculator. It is the money that you will spend or receive to help your children realize their futures. As a child support lawyer in Evansville, Indiana, I will fight to ensure that you and your children get what you need to thrive.