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DUI Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney in Evansville, IN

The law office of Ziemer Law, LLC handles divorce, family law and criminal defense cases in the Evansville area.  Family law covers a wide range of issues, including divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, and even juvenile cases.  Criminal defense includes everything from infractions and traffic tickets to misdemeanors and felonies. It also includes sentence modifications and probation violations.  Click HERE to see more areas of practice.

In his 25 year legal career, Jay has represented many of the area’s businesses, governmental entities, and individuals.  Jay’s business litigation background, coupled with his experience and current focus on criminal law and family law, provides him the depth and capability to handle all of your litigation matters.

Child Custody & Spousal Support Legal Representation

At Ziemer Law, LLC, Jay Ziemer is the only attorney responsible for your case.  You will not be assigned to an associate lawyer who knows little about you or your case.  Jay has worked in larger firms, and he knows how they operate.  By working as a solo practitioner, Jay has learned how vital the personal relationship between the lawyer and client is to reach your desired results.  Jay’s goal is to ensure that his clients receive the best possible legal representation.  Jay takes a no-nonsense approach to practicing law, which allows him to get results while maintaining a high degree of professional integrity.

Evansville DUI Defense, Drug Crime and Divorce Lawyers

Jay Ziemer, a family and criminal lawyer in Evansville, understands how difficult it can be to deal with legal issues, and he makes every possible effort to provide you with the guidance you deserve.  Jay’s clients are treated with respect and courtesy, which includes frequent client-attorney correspondence, promptly responded-to telephone calls and emails and appointments that fit the client’s schedule.

Resolute Indiana Criminal Law Attorney Serving: Evansville & Vanderburgh County; Newburgh, Boonville & Warrick County; Mount Vernon & Posey County; and Princeton & Gibson County

A conviction for a minor crime may impact your life well beyond the conviction itself. These ramifications affect your ability to pursue employment, education, housing and more. Because of these ramifications, you hire a criminal defense lawyer like Jay Ziemer if you have been charged with a crime in the Evansville area. Mr. Ziemer has helped residents of the greater Evansville area fight charges from misdemeanor driving offenses, such as DWI (DUI) and misdemeanor possession charges of marijuana, Xanax or Klonopin, to the felonies such as possession of methamphetamine, felony theft, burglary, unlawful possession of a handgun and dealing offenses. Mr. Ziemer also has considerable experience in sentence modifications, probation violations, diversions, and expungements.

Those who are charged with a crime, have many protections they can employ against the prosecution. Prosecutors intimidate you, and law enforcement may rush to judgment, which sometimes causes them to perform a sloppy investigation against you just to get a conviction. An experienced criminal defense attorney will slow down the case against you to exploit the prosecution’s case. The prosecutor has a heavy burden — to prove all elements of a charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

Even when criminal defendants think they are guilty, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can win your case or get you a better plea bargain by filing a motion to exclude illegally seized evidence. Winning these motions by showing that the police did not have probable cause for a search or that they lacked probable cause when they petitioned the court for a search warrant can devastate the prosecution’s case. In other situations, prevailing on a motion to suppress evidence may weaken the prosecution’s evidence which will benefit a plea bargain, or help your chances at trial.

Experienced Criminal Law Attorney Evansville, Indiana

Even if the above potential benefits to your case are not available, an experienced criminal law attorney like Mr. Ziemer will protect you from a harsh sentence by arguing for alternative sentencing, such as probation, drug rehabilitation, drug court, forensic diversion, work release, or house arrest.

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