Evansville & Vanderburgh County

Photo Credit: Creative Commons / Dave Worley

Photo Credit: Creative Commons / Dave Worley

Evansville Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyer

Jay Ziemer is a full-service criminal defense lawyer serving Evansville, Indiana, and surrounding Vanderburgh County. He can consult on and defend against driving under the influence (DUI), operating while intoxicated (OWI), drug possession, and domestic violence charges, as well as assist in most other misdemeanor and felony cases. He holds police and prosecutors accountable to their legal duties to collect evidence legally and make an unimpeachable case for conviction.

Evansville Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Jay Ziemer has also assisted many people in southern Illinois when they’ve found it necessary to visit the courthouse in downtown Evansville, Indiana, to take care of a divorce, child custody, spousal support, or protective order matter. He has even helped clients work through legal challenges to paternity and denials of grandparents’ visitation rights. He serves as a champion for his clients’ interests while also providing objective assessments of what can be achieved without giving into the strong emotions raised by disputes with family members.

Dealing with police, prosecutors, and other lawyers is never easy. Whether you are a college student charged with OWI or a wife who finds her marriage unhealthy or unsafe, you can count on Jay and his team at Ziemer Law, LLC for support. You can also find a strong legal advocate whether you have been accused of assault or need to fight for your right to stay involved in the lives of children with whom you no longer share a house.

To request a consultation with Ziemer Law LLC, call (812) 568-4118 or share your story online.

About Evansville and Vanderburgh County Courts

Evansville, IN, and the surrounding towns of Vanderburgh County, including Darmstadt, Melody Hill, St. Joseph, and McCutchanville, are home to 181,000 people. Most trials and legal matters are handled at the new courthouse in downtown Evansville, which is the third largest city in Indiana. Pictured above is the Old Courthouse, which fronts the newer Civic Center Complex, of which the new courthouse is a part.

Vanderburgh County Clerk’s Office

The office of the Clerk of the Vanderburgh Circuit Court is located in Room 216 of the new Vanderburgh County Courthouse at 825 Sycamore Street. The phone number for the County Clerk’s Office is (812) 435-5160.

Vanderburgh Superior Court

This is a court of general jurisdiction that has seven elected judges and five magistrates who are appointed by the elected judges. Juvenile criminal cases, probate disputes, and misdemeanor offenses are adjudicated in superior court. The superior court also rules on most divorce petitions and protective orders. The Vanderburgh Superior Court is located in the Civic Center Complex.

Vanderburgh County Circuit Court

The Court of Indiana’s First Judicial Circuit in Vanderburgh County is also located at 825 Sycamore Street. Circuit court judges primarily hear felony criminal cases, but they also have jurisdiction in several family law matters. The phone number for this Circuit Court is (812) 435-5195.