Princeton & Gibson County

Photo Credit: Gibson County, IN

Photo Credit: Gibson County, IN

Misdemeanor, Felony, DUI/OWI, and Drug Offense Cases Handled in Princeton and Fort Branch

Jay A. Ziemer and the legal team at Ziemer Law, LLC have experience defending clients against felony and misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence (DUI), operating while intoxicated (OWI), drug trafficking, drug possession, and domestic violence. Years spent working as an assistant prosecutor before recognizing the need for vigorous criminal defenses for individuals brought before Gibson County, IN courts, allow Jay to identify and question problems with evidence collection and storage. He also knows what makes a case for prosecution weak and prime for a plea agreement or dismissal.

Need Help With Haubstadt and Owensville Divorce Proceedings, Child Custody and Visitation Disputes, or Protective Orders?

As a full-service family law attorney, Jay A. Ziemer can also assist individuals looking to end a marriage, work out child custody and visitation arrangements, determine paternity, and enforce grandparents’ rights. He also works overtime to ensure that any person needing a protective order receives the protection they need to feel safe.

Whether you face an OWI conviction in Oakland City or a paternity suit in Princeton, the Ziemer Law team can offer advice and representation. Divorces in Fort Branch and drug offenses in Haubstadt can also be handled. Whether you face a prosecutor or the lawyer for an aggrieved family member, you need a dedicated legal ally of your own.

To learn more about how you can put Ziemer Law, LLC to work for you, call (812) 568-4118 or request an appointment for a consultation online.

About Princeton, Indiana, and the Gibson County Courts

Home to 31,000 Indianans, Gibson County lies directly north of Vanderburgh County and the Hoosier State’s third-largest city of Evansville. Princeton is the county seat, and other major towns include Haubstadt, Fort Branch, Mackey, Oakland City, and Owensville. Pictured above is the Gibson County Courthouse in Princeton. The building houses the county clerk’s office, the superior court, and the circuit court.

Gibson County Clerk’s Office

One of the principal duties of the Gibson County Clerk is filing, recording, and entering all orders pertaining to civil, juvenile, and criminal matters. That includes maintaining criminal records and accepting payments of fees and fines assessed for court hearings and convictions. The clerk, who is an elected official under the Indiana state constitution, also has authority over issuing many documents related to family law cases. To call the clerk’s office, dial (812) 386-6474.

Gibson County Superior Court

The superior court for Gibson County handles misdemeanor and traffic cases. It also operates part of the county’s probation program, the drug court, and the alcohol and drug treatment alternatives to criminal prosecution. To check on a case in superior court, call (812) 386-6237.

Gibson County Circuit Court

Circuit courts in Indiana have primary jurisdiction over felony criminal cases and cases involving children. Holding the later responsibility makes the Gibson County Circuit Court the typical venue for divorce cases that involve questions over child custody, child support, and parental/grandparent visitation. Some individuals who are on probation in Gibson County also report to the circuit court. The phone number is (812) 385-4885.