Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor Charges in Evansville, Indiana

Credit: Creative Commons / Victor

Credit: Creative Commons / Victor

Take no criminal charge lightly. Even a state or local misdemeanor can result in high fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges. Contacting a skilled and dedicated Evansville, IN, criminal defense lawyer is essential if police have taken you into custody or identified you as a person of interest.

Jay Ziemer of Ziemer Law, LLC, has spent more than a decade representing clients accused of some of the most serious offenses, including:

  • Operating a vehicle while intoxicated/DUI
  • Drug possession under state laws
  • Drug trafficking under federal laws
  • Domestic violence

Consequently, he knows how aggressive prosecutors can be and that any defendant who lacks quality legal advice can get steamrolled by the process. One of Jay’s missions as an Evansville criminal defense attorney is to ensure every person receives fair treatment. This entails more than proverbially “getting your day in court.” Fairness demands that each alleged perpetrator has every chance to review all the evidence collected by investigators, to explain their circumstances and actions, and to avoid unjustly harsh penalties.

Each of those things is a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Still, exercising those rights, as well as ensuring that questioning and investigations are conducted within the strict rules of legal procedure, can be next to impossible without assistance from an experienced criminal lawyer.

In a DUI case, for instance, a charging officer must conduct all field sobriety tests correctly. Any blood, breath, or urine test results can only be admitted into evidence in court by a prosecutor if they come from samples acquired with consent or pursuant to a warrant. Interpretations of field-test performance and chemical analyses deserve to be questioned, especially when the charge is for driving under the influence of drugs. Our experienced and dedicated Evansville, Indiana DUI attorneys will ensure all that happens.

For federal drug charges, prosecutors will often attempt to make deals with accused individuals. Any offer of a reduced sentence demands close scrutiny, especially since the proposal itself may represent nothing but applying pressure to a person authorities have little solid evidence against. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will know to ask questions like:

  • Is the prosecutor offering a deal to save face?
  • Will pleading to the lesser charge actually result in a more lenient sentence?
  • Is dismissal of charges altogether possible?

A criminal defense lawyer probably proves his greatest worth during domestic violence cases. Any person charged with threatening, stalking, or assaulting a family member or acquaintance can have difficulty finding someone who will listen to their side of the story. Ethical domestic violence lawyers must act in the client’s best interest, which begins with considering how an allegation could arise from a misunderstanding, an act of self-defense, or a false accusation.

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Jay Ziemer knows that every person deserves a vigorous defense. He also understands that individuals charged with drug possession often benefit more from treatment than incarceration. If you find yourself caught up in the legal system and in need of an empathetic and hardworking criminal attorney, call (812) 568-4118 or complete this web form. Jay handles each consultation himself.