Drug Crime Defense Attorneys Evansville Indiana

As your criminal defense attorney, I will analyze the circumstances of your arrest for possible defects of your arrest, search, search warrant, and all other aspects of the search and seizure in order to attack the admissibility of the evidence against you. If your constitutional rights were violated, the evidence against you is deemed inadmissible in court, and your case will be dismissed. This is single most effective to win drug cases. I will use my experience in arguing more than fifty motions to suppress such evidence to work very hard to find any flaws in the evidence against you.

In Indiana, defendants who are convicted of drug crimes face harsh consequences and penalties, depending upon their specific charges. Clients who are found with large amounts of drugs or more serious types of drugs or controlled substances, typically face very severe penalties. A January 17, 2011, New York Times article explained how the Indiana criminal justice system is broken by such severe sentencing laws and parole revocations, resulting in Indiana jails filled with nonviolent drug offenders with very little emphasis on drug rehabilitation. The New York Times article stated in part as follows:

Drug Crime Defense Attorneys

In partnership with the Pew Center on the States’ Public Safety Performance Project, the council discovered that Indiana’s prison count had grown by 41 percent between 2000 and 2009 — an increase three times that of neighboring states. It also found that the increase had been caused not by violent criminals but by drug addicts — who needed treatment, not jail — and by low-level, nonviolent criminals. Indiana, the study found, was punishing both groups much more severely than neighboring states.

Therefore, as a drug offender, you may be facing harsher penalties than a violent offender. This unfair reality makes it that much more important for you to be represented by a skilled and experienced criminal attorney like me. I will also work with you and your family to get you the treatment that you need, not only to help your case, but to make your life better for you and your family after you are finished with your criminal case.