Divorce Attorneys Evansville Indiana

Evansville Divorce Lawyers

I handle family law cases involving divorce litigation throughout the Evansville area. Most of my clients come to me believing that their divorce will be uncontested. In a perfect world, all divorces, if any, would be uncontested. Unfortunately, most divorcing couples need the assistance of a divorce lawyer. As the cliché’ goes, we do not live in a perfect world. Chances are that you will need the advice and guidance to navigate (or as divorce lawyers state, mediate) your divorce case.

In divorce litigation you can resolve your conflicts related to the divorce, like as child custody, child support, and division of your finances. If you and your spouse cannot settle your divorce amicably, litigation becomes a “necessary evil.” It requires a divorce lawyer’s assistance. As a registered mediator in Indiana, I will try to settle your case in mediation if the court or you decide that it is in your and your children’s best interest. In mediation, issues like child custody, parenting time, financial separation, and child support can be resolved in manners that a court cannot legally do. However, if your case is not settled in mediation or if there is not mediation, divorce litigation must be carefully pursued.

It is an understatement to call a divorce a highly emotional. I will try to ensure that you and your children get the professional emotional support you may need. Divorces also involve hard earned assets. I will seek the professional expertise you need to value these assets and to use these professionals in litigation, if necessary.

By hiring a qualified family lawyer to handle your divorce, you take a big step towards relieving the stress and anxiety felt by many Evansville clients during a divorce. I will speak with you to figure out how best to proceed with divorce litigation and will provide you with all the information you need to make sound decisions regarding your divorce.