Divorce Assets attorneys Evansville, IN - High assets, property and retirement plans Division

When divorce is filed, all the assets acquired by the couple during their marriage must be divided.  During the divorce case, many couples cannot come to an agreement because of the emotional and financial ties to their possessions.  Sometimes, divorcing spouses can become unreasonable and sometimes use child custody for financial gain.  I will refuse to allow these issues to become one in the same.  During the divorce, I will make sure that the issues of Evansville child custody attorneys are not used as tool for economic gain.  The children come first.

Evansville Divorce Assets Attorney

Nonetheless, financial issues are very important to me and my divorce clients.  I will use my experience and knowledge in family law, business law, and use of financial experts to address the following sometimes very complex issues:

  • Retirement plans and pensions
  • Stock and investments
  • Stock options and deferred benefits plans
  • Real estate and property appraisals
  • Business valuations
  • Hidden assets


Indiana is an equitable distribution state, meaning that  the marital assets will be divided “equitably.”  However, the law presumes 50/50 split.  This presumption of a 50/50 split can be overcome by various factors Indiana statutory factors.  As a skilled and experienced family lawyer, I will assert and defend these statutory economic factors to your advantage.  I will do such to benefit your children, not to put them in the path of emotional peril.