Do You Need A DUI Lawyer?

If your first arrest for DUI/DWI/OWI occurs in Vanderburgh county, you are likely eligible for the DADS program. If you successfully complete the DADS program, your case may be dismissed. Even if you are eligible for the DADS program, you will need DUI lawyer like Jay Ziemer who knows the DADS program and who can still help you navigate the complex Indiana law that governs your driving privileges.

DUI Lawyer Indiana

As I know, there are several methods that can be used by attorneys to prove the innocence of their clients. I will thoroughly evaluate the means by which your BAC was tested, and will research your case to determine if any of your rights were violated by the arresting officer. If it can be proved that the equipment used in BAC testing was faulty, or that there were certain medical or environmental conditions present during the test that affected the result, your DUI/OWI charges could be dismissed altogether. I have won two DUI jury cases where I claimed the BAC breathalyzer tests were faulty because the arresting officer did not follow proper procedure and/or the breathalyzer machine was not properly maintained. If the arresting officer violated any of your constitutional rights, your case could be dismissed as well. No matter what specific circumstances surround your DUI/OWI charges, I will thoroughly evaluate your case to determine the best way to address your charges.